Modern periodontal tissue regeneration techniques allow to recreate the supporting tissues on damaged dental elements (e.g. from periodontal disease or pyorrhea) but when this is no longer possible because the dental elements have already been extracted or are no longer maintainable then the bone regeneration techniques can be performed to create bone and gum where a implant will have to be inserted later.

It is also possible to regenerate tissues simultaneously with implant insertion and immediate prosthesis with a consequent reduction of time and sessions. Even the regeneration of tissues follows the aesthetic principles: if a implant is misplaced or if it is inserted where there is bone but not where it should be then the aesthetic result could be bad.

Retractions of diseased implants or misplaced implants are continuously increasing as more implants are inserted by inexperienced dentists or without adequate training. In our clinic the retreatment of misplaced, damaged, aesthetically inadequate or even worse unacceptable implants represents 40% of the interventions performed: these are extreme and advanced cases but we feel to intervene if the patient is asking for it.