Dr. Tabanella Clinic is oriented towards the complete rehabilitation of the patient from function to aesthetics, with the aim of improving patient’s quality of life through minimally invasive and painless techniques.

The Clinic utilized the latest american generation state-of-the-art machine for treatment planning, guided positioning (through computer) of endosseous implants (minimally invasive approach including a robotic surgery) and surgical tissue reconstruction, which allows to achieve excellent aesthetic results.

The most complex treatment or the most advanced surgery will be performed using the latest minimally invasive techniques by highly qualified doctors and in a comfortable environment.

The medical team is made up of doctors specialized in the most prestigious American and European universities. The working philosophy is based mainly on:

  • Application of cutting-edge techniques to minimize healing times
  • Mini-invasiveness to reduce post-operative symptoms
  • Use of novel grafting materials that can reduce the autologous bone harvesting and therefore significantly decrease patient's discomfort
  • Biomimetic: highly aesthetic results that make an artificial reconstruction similar to natural tissues and teeth


  • implantology
  • implantology and immediate prosthetic loading [implant insertion and prosthesis in 24 hours]
  • computer guided implantology [minimally-invasive and painless insertion of dental implants without sutures]
  • oral surgery [extraction and surgical removal of oral lesions]
  • periodontics [definitive treatment of gum disease]
  • reconstructive surgery [bone and gingiva regeneration]
  • prosthodontics
  • restaurative dentistry
  • aesthetic dentistry [porcelain veneers]
  • endodontics
  • traditional and aestethic orthodontics [invisalign end lingual orthodontics]
  • pediatric dentistry
  • gnathology
  • oral hygiene
  • digital radiology
  • research & development