The dental prosthesis is an artifact, created by a qualified dental technician, under the guidance of a specialist, used to replace the original dentition lost or compromised for functional and/or aesthetic reasons. Dental prosthesis is also defined as the part of dentistry that deals with the design and construction of prostheses respecting the following requirements:

  • Functionality: it concerns the re-establishment of correct mastication and of the articular functions (opening, closing, right-left laterality, protrusion-retrusion and correct phonetics).
  • Resistance: the prosthesis must resist the masticatory load and the use of buccal fluids.
  • Harmlessness: the prosthesis must be constructed of materials that are not toxic and must not have "sharp corners" that could damage the tissues.
  • Aesthetics: the artificial teeth must be as similar as possible to the natural ones so as not to alter the correct facial profile of the patient.