The orthodontic device is a prosthesis or medical device with which the orthodontist (the doctor specializing in this type of treatment) is able to align the teeth, in order to obtain correct chewing, better oral hygiene and a better smile aesthetics .

Invisalign: transparent mobile devices called masks or more generally bite (in English bite).
One of the most important brands of such devices is the US Invisalign; since the end of 2007 the English Clearstep has been added. They are manufactured for any type of dental arch and being transparent they do not significantly alter the aesthetics of the smile during treatment. These bites are quite light, temporary, changed on average every 2-4 weeks during the treatment (they are studied on the computer using a software program that, on the basis of a scan of the patient's arches, produces 8-16 different progressive bites, to be applied within 1-2 years), which progressively make it possible to find the right position for the teeth. With these types of devices it is also possible to treat functional cases through root movements.