Restorative to restructure the smile

Restorative dentistry deals with the care of teeth affected by carious processes, procedures for the elimination of caries and those related to the closure of the cavities resulting from the elimination of the enamel and carious dentin, through the use of appropriate materials.

Caries can be superficial or deep. In the first case, only the dentin and the enamel affected by the caries are removed, filling the tooth with appropriate materials. The use of silver amalgams (due to the mercury content) has now been replaced by composite materials which, due to their adhesive characteristics, allow a less extensive preparation of the cavity compared to the use of amalgam which required cavities with particular characteristics because they were retentive. In deep caries there may be an interest in the pulp of the tooth, which also contains the nerve fibers, and then the root canal treatment also called devitalization.

The term conservative indicates the goal of such treatments, that is to keep the teeth otherwise destroyed by caries.